lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Using Edmodo: tangible success in the classroom.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself: I'm Domingo Chica Pardo, a secondary-education teacher at San José School in Vélez-Málaga, Málaga (southern Spain). I found the right solution for my problem in Edmodo when I wanted to keep in touch with families at my school, although I am not a group tutor and considered the possibility of sending the information in a confortable safe way to them. I have to admit that Edmodo surprised me a lot: on the one hand, it enabled me to create a virtual classroom with two groups: students and families. I enjoyed it so much because thanks to technology both students and families could contact me anytime anywhere. On the other, communication turned out to be safe and private and the app worked fluently and quite well.
Before using Edmodo, I used to send individual emails to families once a week (Saturday mornings) but I finished it quite tired in the sense that the information was not so accurate, that is, I would have wished to send the information when it happened, and not a few days later. Thanks to Edmodo, parents have the information before their kids get back home. It's amazing!
The consequences for this were a lot of positive feedbacks from families who thanked me for this iniative and from students as well, because they could contact me or ask me any questions on a Saturday afternoon, as quickly as they send a Whatsapp!
Since then, everything has changed possitively!
1. Students learn using their skills and I get the most of it because they have grown up with it.
2. Families and less worried and have a look to their Edmodo app as well as their Facebook profile: it's become part of their informative source.
3. The idea of school has changed too: No walls for learning. The mobile learning is a reality and districts, schools, administrators, teachers... should do our best to integrate digital resources in our lessons to enhance our students' digital skills. We should not forget that being a digital native doesn't turn our students into digitally-skilled learners. Technology is part of the learning process and not "the" process.

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